So, it’s finally come along – your dream job! The one you’ve been dreaming of this whole time. However, you need a compelling and well-structured resume to get your foot in the door. It should make you look perfect for the job and shows that the recruiter will miss out on exceptional talent if they don’t shortlist you. That said, creating a resume that stands out isn’t easy. Now, you may choose a professional resume writing service that helps you create an ideal resume. However, here are certain tips you should be aware of that can help you land your dream job.

Tailored Resume

You’ve probably put your heart and soul into building a career and developing skills, and it’s only natural to want to list all your achievements and accomplishments in the resume. However, it’s important to tailor the achievements you mention to the job and organization you’ve applied to. Instead of including all your achievements, it’s important to concentrate on the skills required for your desired job. Creating a laser-focused resume on the job will help communicate your skills in a way that appeals directly to the recruiters. Include relevant keywords from the description and information on your background that relate to the skills required for the job. Exclude anything irrelevant to the advertised vacancy and utilize the space to highlight how you’d be the perfect candidate for the job.  

Quantify Achievements

When crafting a compelling resume, numbers speak louder than words. For example, if you’re a product management professional, you can say that you are amazing at developing and managing products. But it will all seem fake if you don’t have the numbers and facts to back your claim. Rather than saying you’re the best candidate for the job, show why you’re the ideal fit. For example, don’t tell recruiters you have helped your previous employers improve their product; specify the increase in revenue resulting from the improvement. One of the best ways to go about it is to adopt the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method. The approach will highlight how you handled a difficult situation, your actions, and the successful result.

Keep it Simple

To create a resume that catches the eye of your recruiter, you should keep everything short, sweet, and straightforward. Now, you can probably write a long list of tasks and responsibilities for every role you’ve held, but that might not work. Recruiters don’t have the time to spend hours on a single resume. Therefore, you should ensure that your resume is concise. Instead of writing long sentences, highlight the skills, experiences, and responsibilities relevant to the role you’re applying for. Don’t clutter your resume with wordy text, excessive graphics, or irrelevant information.

Proofread As Much As You Can

Bad spelling, grammar, and spacing mistakes can take the edge off a good resume. Unfortunately, these errors can be pretty costly and are a major pet peeve of many recruiters. Therefore, once you’ve made your resume, make sure to proofread as much as you can. You can print it out and start reading it extensively to find any errors. If you’re viewing it on a computer, zoom in and see if you’ve made any errors. You can even recite it out loud to see if everything is on point. If you’re feeling exhausted after spending all day creating a resume, take a break and proofread it the next day. Don’t rush to send in your resume. Instead, take your time to ensure that your resume perfectly reflects your personality. You can also consider getting a couple of friends to proofread your resume. A different set of eyes may find errors that you might not identify.

Contact Information

Make sure to include updated contact information on your resume. Not including your contact information can cost you. Even if your skills and knowledge are perfect for the role, the recruiter won’t be able to get in touch with you if you haven’t provided contact info. Make sure there are no typos, missing digits, or letters in the contact section. It should be displayed legibly, at the top of your resume. Including a LinkedIn profile might be worthwhile as well.

Structure and Format

The structure and format of your resume are equally important as the content in your resume. Format headings properly to ensure that it passes through the ATS comfortably. Highlight your best experiences and achievements at the top of your resume. The top section will be what the recruiter sees first, so highlighting your best achievements up top is key.

Consider Resume Consultation Services

Most of us can write a good resume, but to land a job with your dream organization, you must go above and beyond. Resume writing can become frustrating, especially if it isn’t your forte. This is when professional resume writing services can come in handy. They can help you sell your skills and qualifications to prospective employers by highlighting them and optimizing your resume to pass ATS. Please note investing in such services is no guarantee of getting your dream job. However, it can help you maximize your chances of getting your foot into the door.

Resume Writing Services by Resu Consulting

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