Did you know over 90% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to scour job candidates? LinkedIn is undoubtedly the leading tool for eligible workers, career guidance counselors, and hiring managers. As a business networking platform, LinkedIn has garnered a large active community of corporate professionals from all around the world. As such, most recruiters now use it as their primary source of job applications. Despite most recruiters being accessible to candidates via LinkedIn, many job seekers aren’t using the platform correctly. According to the platform itself, only about half of all job seekers on LinkedIn have complete profiles – you might be one of them! Keep reading to discover some top LinkedIn features that you might be missing out on and learn to connect with recruiters more efficiently.

Feature #1: Job Search Filters

As a business platform, LinkedIn is at its best when you use it as a job-hunting tool. The first step is creating your personal account with a professional profile picture, introductory bio, and cover story. Then, it’s time to start filtering through available job postings. The platform offers many job-related filters, so users can search for and sort through relevant results quickly. These filters include the date posted, location, job type, experience level, and company. Users can even filter between remote and on-site jobs depending on their preferences. Once you get a list of relevant job postings, you can save jobs for later or apply to them using the next feature. a man job hunting on LinkedIn

Feature #2: Easy and Direct Apply

LinkedIn makes the job application process easier than ever. While many recruiters and companies still require applications through their websites only, most of them now accept direct applications through LinkedIn. The platform has an ‘Easy Apply’ feature that lets users apply for available job postings directly. When you view a listed job that’s accepting applications on LinkedIn, you will see an “Easy Apply” or “Apply” button at the top of the page. You can click on it, fill out the required information, and submit the application. This saves time and effort since you no longer have to visit different companies’ websites to apply for jobs. You can apply for multiple jobs in just a few clicks, thanks to LinkedIn’s efficient features.

Feature #3: Job Alerts & Recommendations

When you make an account on LinkedIn, you can make the most of its ‘Job Alerts’ feature by providing certain information. Job alerts are a great resource for employees as they can stay updated with the most recent job postings in their specific industry and niche. You can set preferences about the position or job role, location, and job type. You can even choose the frequency of alerts you receive, with options ranging from daily to weekly. The platform also lets you choose how you want to be notified of new job alerts – via email or a phone notification. Once you’ve created a job alert, you’ll also be able to get recommendations for similar postings. You can choose to turn off recommendations and delete old job alerts to make room for new ones. If you’re unsure which industry to explore, consider getting career guidance from our career guidance counselors. a LinkedIn profile on a mobile phone

Feature #4: Resume Builder and Multiple Uploads

Resumes are the backbone of the employment industry. Recruiters can’t learn how well you might fit with their company unless you submit a well-written resume or CV when applying. LinkedIn allows users to upload multiple resumes to their profiles. As such, you can choose which resume to forward when applying for a job posting on the platform. It’s no secret that you might need to tweak your resume for different jobs. Resume review consultants suggest having well-written resumes for different industries, so you can highlight only the relevant achievements and skills. If you’re not sure what a well-written resume looks like, consider getting resume writing guidance from the experts at Resu Consulting. We can help you write better cover letters, too – and yes, they’re still relevant! Additionally, one of LinkedIn’s most unique features is its resume builder option. It lets users convert their complete LinkedIn profiles into a PDF-format resume within seconds. It works by utilizing the updated information on your profile and organizing it into sections, like a regular resume. The process is automated, saving time and effort on your part. If you’d like to see how well your newly converted resume ranks in job applications, use our free resume review online tool!

Feature #5: Skill Assessment Tests

Recruiters highlight certain skills for each job they post on LinkedIn. This helps them filter through the applicant pool and shortlist those who have the required skills. The way to highlight your skills on LinkedIn, so that recruiters can view them easily, is by completing skill assessment tests. The skill assessment feature on LinkedIn lets users prove their proficiency in certain areas by scoring high on standardized knowledge-based tests. Topics can range from Microsoft Office applications to search engine optimization (SEO). You can even practice the test questions before actually taking a test, and choose whether or not to display your results on your profile. Make sure to go through the test duration and format information beforehand, so you can avoid distractions and score high. All of these LinkedIn features can help you optimize your ranking and visibility on the platform. Happy job hunting! two people pointing at a laptop while working

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