How big is your professional network? This question ultimately determines your success at job hunting and building a successful career. Networking, or connecting with recruiters and other employees, makes the corporate world go round. Without industry connections, you’ll remain in a disadvantaged position compared to your peers. While your skills and experience might make you excel at a job, landing it in the first place can be challenging. Career guidance counselors agree that having connections with decision-makers, like hiring managers, helps you overcome such challenges by giving you a head-start in the industry. In fact, a large majority of all jobs are filled through networking, making it essential for all workers. But how do you build connections with hiring managers as a young employee? Let’s explore some effective tips for connecting with hiring managers!

Understanding the Role of Hiring Managers

The recruitment process is incomplete without hiring managers. They play one of the most critical roles in any organization since the quality of the workforce depends on their expertise. Hiring managers don’t just get the final call on which job candidates get hired. They also supervise and conduct other critical tasks related to recruitment, such as identifying job requirements, creating job descriptions, and screening applications. Drafting job offers and managing recruitment costs are also a hiring manager’s responsibilities. Organizations often establish hiring goals that help them strategize better. Without hiring managers, achieving such goals becomes significantly challenging – a common problem for companies today.

Finding the Right Hiring Managers

As a job candidate, hiring managers are likely to be your direct points of contact during the job application process. When you apply for a job by submitting a resume and cover letter, your application is reviewed by hiring managers. They are the ones who identify suitable and qualified candidates, so connecting with hiring managers properly can be the make or break of your career. Finding hiring managers who can understand your vision and passion as a candidate can be tricky. The first step is researching hiring managers in companies you want to join. Use platforms like LinkedIn to discover the hiring manager’s professional background, experience, accolades, and interests. In doing so, you’ll be able to approach them in a more personable way. Remember, connections are the strongest when they’re built upon common interests and shared experiences! three businesswomen in a meeting

Connecting With Hiring Managers

So, you found a few hiring managers you’d like to connect with, but how do you go about it? The following tips from career guidance counselors and industry insiders might help!

Tip #1: Draft a Targeted Resume and Cover Letter

No job application is complete without a well-crafted resume. However, the same resume won’t be suitable for every job or hiring manager. You need to tweak your resume for each job and include relevant keywords to align with the job description. Similarly, you must craft your resume in a way that appeals to the hiring manager who reviews it. Researching the hiring manager before applying for a job can help you craft a targeted resume. If you’d like assistance from resume writing consultants, consider reaching out to Resu Consulting. While they may seem obsolete, cover letters are still an important element of recruitment. Hiring managers are more likely to consider your application if it has a cover letter. Many job seekers think hiring managers don’t read cover letters but that’s not true. A majority of recruiters prefer applicants to submit cover letters. So, use our online career guidance platform for help writing an exceptional cover letter for any job!

Tip #2: Utilize Online Resources

Most recruiters and hiring managers now scout job candidates using online platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. This presents job seekers with the unique opportunity to connect with hiring managers directly, which was nearly impossible to do before the internet. So, make the most of online platforms and connect with hiring managers professionally. Look for hiring managers at your top companies and add them to your LinkedIn network. Interact with their posts and engage with them through relevant content. You can even try reaching out to them via private messages, but be careful about respecting professional boundaries. Initiate a conversation only to express your corporate interests and avoid informal language. a laptop screen showing a person’s LinkedIn profile

Tip #3: Leverage Your Network

While the internet is a powerful tool for connecting with hiring managers, approaching them in person is often more impactful. Try to find people within your personal circle, like your friends and family, who have connections that you could leverage. Attend industry events or conferences with mutual workers for an opportunity to approach hiring managers in person. Even if you only establish surface-level communication with a hiring manager initially, you can then approach them online to nurture the connection. Cold inquiries on social networking platforms can often be off-putting for recruiters. So, even a base-level connection can help hiring managers warm up to you when you message them online. Remember to consult with professional career guidance counselors to draft a personable inquiry for hiring managers before approaching them. Good luck! a job candidate and interviewer shaking hands

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