Cover letters are a terrific way to get the attention of hiring managers and convince them to read your resume and get in touch with you for an interview. You should be able to achieve these objectives in three paragraphs or less. Knowing what to put in a cover letter and what to leave out is crucial to writing a winning piece. This blog will show you how to write a cover letter that will get you an interview for the job you want by avoiding the most common pitfalls.

Using an unnecessarily formal greeting

It can be difficult to strike the right tone in a cover letter—there's a fine line between being too professional and being casual. Far too many applicants go on the side of formality, which really works against them. Consider yourself the reader of this letter and imagine how you would feel if you read such a formal greeting. While we advise against informal introductions like "Hey", we also think that more formal greetings like "Dear Sir/Madam" come out as awkward and out of date. Avoid unnecessarily formal language and lengthy, complex sentences that might bore the reader. Aim for a professional, polite, and straightforward tone in the letter. A good approach is to study the company's brand and alter the text to correspond to its brand.

Incorrect grammar or spelling

Make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes. A poorly written and unclear cover letter can be frustrating to the reader. As the rank of the open position rises, so does the level of scrutiny given to the cover letter accompanying the application. This means you should always double-check your letter before sending it. Making sure your letter is error-free reflects your attention to detail on the job. Mistyping the recipient's name or title is a common error that can have disastrous results. This is why it's important to double-check anything you write in your cover letters before sending them out. Another thing to keep in mind: watch out for acronyms. It's not always preferable to use abbreviations. Just write it out in full form if you're unsure of something.

Poor presentation due to improper formatting

Your cover letter will be much more readable if you follow proper formatting guidelines and have it polished by a professional resume writing service. You want your cover letter to stand out, not overwhelm the reader with flowery prose. You can help readers quickly skim your letter and obtain the necessary information by breaking up long passages of text into shorter, more manageable chunks. Keeping the usage of color and images to a minimum will help the recruiter concentrate on what you have to say. Start with a template to ensure your cover letter is presented properly. Then, make the necessary changes to the sample to make your cover letter stand out from the crowd of applicants. Your cover letter shouldn't be any longer than one page, with one-inch margins and single-spaced paragraphs. Choose a legible font size and keep it simple for a professional look.

Simply restating your resume

The purpose of a cover letter is to pitch yourself and get you an interview, not to repeat your resume. Some hiring managers might see this as a sign of laziness on the part of the candidate. Since resumes are so generic, hiring managers who take the time to read cover letters want to know what makes you stand out from the crowd. But this doesn't mean you should just roll out a laundry list of your achievements, which can seem trite and even arrogant. This is your time to highlight why you'd be a good fit for this organization and position. The aim is to highlight your unique selling proposition. Candidates should use the introduction as a springboard to discuss how they learned about the organization and how their skills and experience align with the needs of the position. Use a compelling narrative to grab their attention immediately and leave a lasting impression of your value addition to their brand.

Recycling cover letters from previous applications

Your cover letter's content should be unique and tailored to the position you're applying for, even if you do resort to using a template for the format. Personalizing your cover letter to the position and organization you're applying to is essential if you want to write a winning cover letter. Every time you apply for a new job, your cover letter should be tailored to that specific post. If possible, use the recruiting manager's name in the opening of your cover letter. Clearly identify the role you are applying for from the get-go. After that, explain how your experience and personality complement the company's beliefs and goals.

Adding irrelevant content

Cover letters should be kept focused and to the point. You don't want to bore the recruiter with details about why you made certain career or academic choices.
  • As a rule of thumb, your cover letter shouldn't mention the following:
  • Your flaws or areas of improvement (unless they're specifically asked about)
  • Upsetting personal and/or professional encounters
  • Specifics about all the jobs you've had
  • Details, justifications, or explanations for why you left a prior position.

Leaving out a call to action

Last but not least, before you sign off, make sure to highlight how diligent you are in your job search. A very common mistake in drafting cover letters is ending without reiterating the letter's purpose. Let the readers know that you hope to hear from them promptly before you close. Every situation calls for a call to action.

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