Applying for jobs for the first time can be stressful, confusing, and overwhelming. When applying for any position, you’d come across the terms “CV” and “resume.” To present yourself as a viable candidate for the job, you must understand the difference between a resume and a CV. You should also know how to write compelling resumes and CVs, depending on the job requirement, to get noticed by recruiters. Writing a resume or a CV can be daunting for newbies. Therefore, many look to hire professional resume writers to draft compelling resumes or CVs to help them get the coveted interview call. Here’s everything you need to know about resumes and CVs, including their differences.

Understanding CVs

CV, short for Curriculum Vitae, outlines essential information about your career, education, achievements, skills, awards, accomplishments, and scholarships. Generally, a CV is two or three pages long. However, the length of the CV can vary if you have extensive work experience. Another thing to note is that there are three different CV formats. Here are the following:
  • Chronological CV: This is the most used format used by millions of applicants across the globe. It lists your work experience, starting with the most recent position. You should use this format to highlight your extensive achievements and work experience and show you can be perfect for the role.
  • Functional CV: This is also known as a skill-based CV, which focuses on relevant skills and experience instead of chronological history. A functional CV can be ideal if you don’t have extensive experience or have gaps in your career history.
  • Combination CV: This is a mixture of chronological and functional CVs where you can chronologically highlight your specific experiences and achievements.

Understanding Resumes

A resume is another important document that highlights your education, work experience, and skills. The length of the resume is ideally kept to one or two pages depending on your work experience. There are four standard variations of a resume. Here are the following:
  • Chronological Resume: Similar to the chronological CV, the resume format lists the most recent work history. It is the gold standard format many recruiters look for when hiring candidates.
  • Functional Resume: This resume highlights skills over work experience and is extensively used by new job seekers or those with limited experience.
  • Combination Resume: This is a mixture of chronological and functional resumes where you can highlight your skills and experience before listing your work history in chronological order.
  • Targeted Resume: This resume is heavily customized to the job poster you’re applying for and requires more preparation and extensive company research.

Difference between a Resume and a CV

Generally, the main differences between these two documents revolve around the length, type of information, and customization. Resumes are shorter and are ideally one-page long, while CVs can be extensive depending on your achievements and qualifications. CVs include all your academic achievements, qualifications, experience, skills, and achievements, while a resume summarizes relevant skills and experience for a particular role. While resumes are highly customizable, a CV includes information that generally remains the same across the board unless you have acquired a new skill or qualification.

What to Include in a CV?

When writing your CV, make sure it has the following information:
  • Your name and updated contact details.
  • Personal statement that highlights your professional background and career objectives.
  • Professional experience
  • Qualifications
  • Technical, interpersonal, and soft skills.
  • Certifications
  • Proficiency in languages
  • Any publications, awards, accolades, scholarships, accomplishments, etc.
  • Volunteering
  • Interests and hobbies.
CVs are ideal when applying for research-based roles that rely on academic qualifications, experience, and skills. Education-based jobs also require extensive CVs.

What to Include in Resumes?

The entire purpose of a well-crafted resume is to highlight your skills and experience in the most concise way possible. It should provide a quick overview of your suitability for the job. The document must contain the following information:
  • Your name and updated contact details.
  • Personal statement that highlights your ambitions and goals
  • Professional employment history
  • Qualifications and education accomplishments
  • Technical, interpersonal, and soft skills relevant to the job.
Resumes are ideal when applying for corporate, governmental, or non-profit-based positions. Most employers will require an up-to-date resume with your application.

Tips for Resume or CV Writing

Understanding the difference between a resume and a CV and, at the same time, writing these documents can be tough, especially if you’re doing so for the first time. Therefore, you should consider hiring professional resume writing services to help you craft a well-written resume or CV. However, you can only get a compelling resume or CV if you choose a professional, experienced, and reliable resume writer with a good reputation for helping job seekers land interviews at their dream organizations. You should always do your due diligence when choosing a writer because numerous writers claim to be the best in the business.

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