How Can Free Resume Review Services Help You Land Your Dream Job


Every successful professional has an excellent resume that they’ve fine-tuned over the years. Such resumes stand out from the crowd and proudly display the individual’s work history and accomplishments in the industry. Such resumes serve as promotional tools that entice employers into hiring these individuals.

If you’ve just entered the job market or are interested in landing your dream job, then you’ll definitely need to create or revamp your resume. This task certainly isn’t easy to do, so it’s best to turn to a consultant who offers free resume review services for help.

Let’s look at how these services can help you land your dream job.

1. Being Able to Fine-Tune Your Resume For Free

If you’ve already created a resume and feel disappointed by the lack of success it’s brought you in the job market, don’t be discouraged! The truth is that your first resume will always be your weakest one.

This is partly due to the lack of work experience and accomplishments under your belt. Your first resume will also be weak due to its non-optimal layout, wording, and other writing aspects. Creating a good resume isn’t an intuitive process, so you might not know how to optimize each of these aspects. For this reason, it’s best to reach out to a professional for assistance.

An executive resume consultant who offers free resume review services can be immensely helpful in this area. They can review your resume and point out the different ways in which you could fine-tune it. You can take their resume writing guidance and implement the changes they have recommended.

This service’s free nature means you can keep returning to the resume writing consultant once you’ve made your changes and continually fine-tune your resume for free. This approach is especially advantageous for unemployed new graduates who can’t afford to pay consultant fees.

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2. Tailoring Your Resume

Experienced professionals typically maintain multiple resumes. They do this because it is necessary to keep resumes that are tailored for specific types of roles. For example, a person with extensive work experience in both the finance and tech sectors may use a finance-centered resume when applying for finance jobs. Similarly, they may use a tech-centered resume when applying for tech-related jobs.

You can follow a similar approach and tailor your resume based on the kind of role you will be applying for. Again, this is the kind of task you should seek professional help for.

So consider submitting your resume to a consultant who offers free resume guidance and includes a description of the kind of role you will be applying for. The consultant can then review your resume and tell you which information you should highlight in the tailored resume you will submit for your dream job.

3. Aligning Your Resume With Industry Standards

If you’ve ever read through the resumes of people in different fields, you’ve probably noticed a wide range of differences between them. A resume belonging to an established professional in the energy sector is likely to sound very different from a resume belonging to someone in the finance sector. This is because these resumes are aligned with specific industry standards. They are formatted and worded in ways that make sense to employers and hiring managers in their respective industries.

This means you will need to align your resume with industry standards if you want employers to take it seriously. You could certainly review resumes from established professionals in your field and alter yours accordingly, but it might be better to get help from a resume review consultant.

These professionals possess plenty of industry knowledge and understand how your resume should look and read for your chosen industry. They can guide you on what changes to make and get your resume up to speed with industry standards.

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4. Improving Your Resume Quickly

Every job posting has a specific deadline before which you need to submit your application. So if your dream job’s posting is set to stop accepting applications in the next three days, then you’re going to have very little time to optimize your resume and submit it.

You can look up resume improvement tips on Google or watch Youtube videos talking about the different ways to craft a good resume, but none of these approaches directly help you identify your resume’s shortcomings.

Visiting a career counselor who offers resume review services for free could be your best option in this situation. They can review your resume and recommend changes you should make in a single session.

This allows you to learn about your resume’s weaknesses and improve them in a very short amount of time. Once you do this, you can confidently submit your resume when applying to your dream job.

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Why Choose Resu Consulting?

Landing your dream job can seem like a daunting task. However, you might just be able to get the position by crafting and submitting a well-tailored resume with the help of resume review services. Such services are invaluable to anyone interested in optimizing their resume and presenting their skills and experience in the best possible manner.

If you’re seeking such services from experienced consultants, contact Resu Consulting. We maintain a large team of consultants with industry-insider knowledge and enjoy helping professionals take their careers to the next level.

Our services include career coaching, resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile writing. Please book an appointment with our consultants today to get started.

Job Application Checklist: 5 Things You Must Focus On

Anyone that has been job hunting is likely to be familiar with the tedious process of filling out job applications. Filling out form after form for each position you apply to certainly isn’t fun. However, job applications remain a crucial part of the employment process.

These applications provide employers with vital information about candidates and help them screen for the most suitable ones. As a result, job applications could be considered just as important as resumes when it comes to landing an interview.

Many people fill out job applications much like they would fill out any other type of form. However, this mindset could prevent you from presenting yourself to employers as best as possible. So check out our job application checklist below if you’d like to start filling out job applications in the way that professionals with established careers do.


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1. Review the Job Application’s Instructions

Job applications from large companies often feature a list of instructions to follow. These could be instructions related to the format in which information should be presented, the word limit for a section, or instructions on what kind of information to include.

It’s important to read these instructions carefully and follow them while filling out your application. Failing to follow instructions could lead to the company’s application review system rejecting your application, even if you possess the right qualifications for the position.

This is one of the primary tips that people using job search assistance programs are taught to follow, so be sure to understand the application form’s instructions before proceeding.

2. Include a Detailed Work History

The main section in each job application focuses on the applicant’s work history. This section includes numerous slots or boxes where you can mention your past roles, job starting and ending dates, and duties.

Filling out your job title, company name, and start and end is relatively straightforward. However, the portion where you list your duties is trickier and far more important.

This is because it’s possible to make a simple duty or activity seem far more valuable with the right wording. We’ve previously discussed the importance of quantifying your achievements in our resume writing guidance blog. You should do the same when you fill out your work history in job applications.

3. Explain Work History Gaps

If you have long gaps in your work history, you should provide a satisfactory explanation to the employer. This could be time taken off to pursue a degree, help with a family business, or the recovery period following an illness or severe injury.

Explaining these gaps is important because it offers the employer more insight into who you are and how committed you’ve been to building your skillset. Your explanation can also showcase some transferable skills that may be useful to the company.

For example, if you quit a job to focus on fundraising for a charity organization, mentioning this on your job application form can convey that you possess sales skills.


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4. Double-Check Your Contact Information

Including the correct contact information sounds like a no-brainer. However, it’s always possible for someone filling out multiple application forms each day to rush through this section and make mistakes.

If you’re filling out a job application form online, your web browser may have already saved your contact information. In this case, you simply need to click a single button to have it autofill your contact details in each field in the application’s contact section. However, this approach can still lead to some mistakes, such as your phone number being entered into the zip code field or vice-versa.

Including the wrong email address or contact number could lead to you missing out on an interview opportunity, so be sure to double-check your contact information and ensure it is complete and accurate.

5. Use Keywords

In the digital era, companies sort job applications using computerized systems. These systems can scan and analyze hundreds of applications in a matter of minutes by looking for specific keywords. They then forward the applications that contain a high number of matching keywords to the employer.

For this reason, you should consider including these keywords in your work history or other sections of the job application. You should note that employers don’t publicly list the keywords they ask their systems to check for. However, you can read through the job description carefully and try matching some of the terms used in it.

Alternatively, you can reach out to a career guidance counselor who has experience with keyword research. This professional can help you fill out your job applications with the right keywords and offer additional career guidance for adults.


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Why Choose Resu Consulting?

Filling out job applications might not be fun, but the process does get easier with time. With enough practice, you’ll be able to breeze through these forms and present your information in a manner that gets the system to select you.

Once you’re done with your job application, you’ll be required to include your resume before submitting it to the employer. You should ensure your resume is optimized and up-to-date. If you’d like to have your resume reviewed by an expert, consider contacting Resu Consulting.

Our consultants offer resume review services for free and can offer valuable advice on how you can improve yours. As the best site for career guidance, we take pride in offering numerous services designed to help professionals. This includes career coaching, resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile writing. Get in touch with us and book an appointment with our consultants today.

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