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When done right, a resume can completely change the outlook on your next career search. Your skills, experience, hobbies, accomplishments, soft skills, hard skills, and so on can only be as powerful as you portray them. Simply put, it comes down to how you differentiate yourself from others, and more importantly – how are YOU going to be better than the next person?

At Resu Consulting, we create a custom-tailored story backed by branding to accelerate your career potential. We combine industry leaders with job seekers to put you on the right path and get your foot in the door of those identified markets. Guidance combined with a targeted resume can change your life and will ultimately leave lasting impressions on potential companies. Let us help you explore all of the possibilities and finally gain the financial independence that you deserve.

Our years of experience in human resources, recruiting, writing, and design places us as trendsetters in the career consulting industry. We’ve identified solutions that no other resume company can offer, If you don’t believe it, it’s proven and backed. Consulting, writing, and branding are the three components that make us, unlike any other career consulting firm in the world. We’ve developed hundreds of resumes that have helped our clients reach the echelons of some of the most elite and distinct companies in the world. Schedule your FREE consultation with an industry insider today!


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Ahmed Idlibi

Co-Founder & CEO

With experience in recruitment, writing copy, human resources, finance, and career trends, Ahmed is more than just a resume visionary, he’s an implementer of a revolutionary process that, without a doubt, helps more people get the career and salary that they deserve. We call him the niche master because once you’re placed on a certain career path during our free consultation, he sees that it’s attainable and will provide you the adequate insight to get you on your way to your dream career.

David Kim

Co-Founder & Head of Design

David was born on the idea of making change. He’s a creative genius looking to explore all design-related possibilities and niches across many sectors. With over 5 years as a designer, he’s revolutionized and created our very first branded resume. His vision implored newer and heightened possibilities of what the resume should be and created what you see today.

Amandeep Ratte

Chief Editor

Amandeep has a background in Chemical Engineering and has done work in researching and modeling single-use, modular pharmaceutical plants for the manufacture of biological drugs. He has also developed cloud computing systems, architecture, and computer vision services to support unique environmental agriculture. His cutting-edge experience in the engineering and software industries allows him to provide valuable insight into both hiring and employment trends.



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